End of Spring Poetry June 2018

The earth is alive again thanks to the coming of the solstice. It seems only fitting that I finish my “spring cleaning” and share a few poems that I wrote to de-clutter my mind  over the past few weeks. Since mental health has been a focal topic in the media recently (and an important one, at that), my focus in this short series is just that; but in the true spirit of poetry, I’ll leave the discovery of meaning to you, the reader.

Memories sting like hornets
swarming my mind
I struggle to breathe
it is a challenge to see through such strife
when with pain, I am so rife
my memories seethe
as I seek to find
a moment to gasp for air and hear the cornets
that play a song of hope which disturb my despair.

I look in the mirror to see myself
only to find someone else
shamefully glaring back
with a gaze that could melt a Polar ice shelf
this feeling is hard to unpack
my eyes whip me like belts
punishing me for what I lack
blistering my ego with welts
some days I want to be anyone but my self
because being in my skin is like wearing itchy felts
but sometimes we have to put these feelings on a shelf
and allow ourselves to heal from the dysmorphia which cuts us apart like a razorback.

IMG_20180616_211018_143.jpgFresh Air
I plow through green waves of grain
as the pain
incurred by living the mundane
rolls away from my shoulder blades
like a bird’s wings slick off the rain
as a storm fades
I often wonder how we stay sane
living in concrete caves
as indentured slaves
to the technology we make offerings to and praise
and yet I break the chain
which binds me to a life from others that’s lived both close and far away
–from this place I stray
none of us belong, anyway;
this, I all ponder as the sun wanes
casting golden light onto the ancient grains
as my mind soars over them like the plains
which paint the earth and maintais
its beauty like beautiful stains
which are able to make me humane once more.


All material is my own and subject to copyright. When sharing, please place a link to my original blog post, as well as cite my name, to give proper credit. To publish my work, please contact me via my Contact page.

Spring Poetry May 2018

Poetry is one of my favorite ways to express myself on paper, but it’s also a medium that I’d neglected for a large portion of my life–that is, up until about last year. After having a hard time finding the inspiration to sit down and write fiction, I began to focus on trying to write at least one poem a day. That way, even if what I write is rubbish, at least I’m writing something. There are still many days when I forget to write, but there are increasingly more days on which I remember (and write even more than one poem). I’ve become very fond of this practice, and now that my blog is more inclusive of who I am beyond food, I’ve found a place to begin to share it.

Over the next year, I’m hoping to begin to organize my poetry to submit to a publisher or to self-publish a chapbook. If you have any feedback or like what you’re seeing, I’d love to hear from you. These poems are my original work and I reserve all rights, so please contact me before sharing.

I’ve put compiled three of my favorite poems that I’ve written this May below, and look forward to sharing more:

Song Birds
Birds chirp
like tiny bells
ringing in
a new day

my heart swells
as tears well
the corners of my eyes

Nature is God’s way of showing us our worth.


Wind Chimes
The wind plays chimes
like a bell choir
striking heavenly notes
interrupted by the chortling gloats
of birds on a wire
as I admire
my neighbor’s Columbines
I could never tire
of how one dotes
on how spring and summer coat
the earth with life.

I bloom to know
reaching upward
attempting to grow
who I am inward.