“Get rid of what is unwanted to make room for what is needed”

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of doing a detox yoga flow every Monday to start my week feeling cleansed and refreshed, and as I went through the flow this morning, I was particularly struck by something that Sarah Beth, the youtube yogi, said, and it deeply resonated with me as to why this particular part of my practice is important.  “Get rid of what is unwanted to make room for what is needed.”  By going through a detox flow, you are able to cleanse your body with twists and your mind with focus and concentration, and what better way to start a week?

The particular video that I did today with Sarah Beth, “30 Minute Yoga for Detox: Level 2”, ended up being a lot more challenging than other detox flows that I’ve done in the past, but it felt absolutely incredible!!  I look forward to working on runners and hurdlers lunges and seeing my progress on them.  Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/ZHxKr9qXf0E

If you’re new to yoga, I’d recommend doing Sarah Beth’s Level 1 Yoga for Detox first.  Adriene of the Yoga with Adriene channel on Youtube has some great detox yoga videos as well!  And don’t be afraid to check out other videos, either-a little variety never hurt anyone.

So, come on guys, go and get rid of what is unwanted to make room for what is needed, and start your week off right!  All you need is a yoga mat or towel and 20-30 minutes.  You won’t regret it.


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