Spring Poetry May 2018

Poetry is one of my favorite ways to express myself on paper, but it’s also a medium that I’d neglected for a large portion of my life–that is, up until about last year. After having a hard time finding the inspiration to sit down and write fiction, I began to focus on trying to write at least one poem a day. That way, even if what I write is rubbish, at least I’m writing something. There are still many days when I forget to write, but there are increasingly more days on which I remember (and write even more than one poem). I’ve become very fond of this practice, and now that my blog is more inclusive of who I am beyond food, I’ve found a place to begin to share it.

Over the next year, I’m hoping to begin to organize my poetry to submit to a publisher or to self-publish a chapbook. If you have any feedback or like what you’re seeing, I’d love to hear from you. These poems are my original work and I reserve all rights, so please contact me before sharing.

I’ve put compiled three of my favorite poems that I’ve written this May below, and look forward to sharing more:

Song Birds
Birds chirp
like tiny bells
ringing in
a new day

my heart swells
as tears well
the corners of my eyes

Nature is God’s way of showing us our worth.


Wind Chimes
The wind plays chimes
like a bell choir
striking heavenly notes
interrupted by the chortling gloats
of birds on a wire
as I admire
my neighbor’s Columbines
I could never tire
of how one dotes
on how spring and summer coat
the earth with life.

I bloom to know
reaching upward
attempting to grow
who I am inward.



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