Super Easy Italian Chicken Salad: Dinner for 4 Under $20

Mike and I had our friends over for dinner the other night, and I thought it’d be nice to share how easy it is to prepare a quality meal at home on the weekend for less than $25!

When I went to the store, I had noticed that Italian chicken stuffed portabella’s were on sale for $2 and 3 each (each couple split one), so I picked up a restaurant-quality appetizer for only $5.

My friend Sarah picked up the chicken breasts, which were $14 for four, and I already had Italian dressing ($3/bottle of Simply Balanced Organic Italian dressing from Target), spinach, and cabbage (which we used about $2 worth of).


4 chicken breasts

Italian dressing

1/4 C rice vinegar


Cabbage (green and red)

1/8 C cilantro


For the stuffed mushrooms, cook on 365F for about 30 minutes, or until the chicken reaches temp. (which is 165 ).  Take out of oven to cool before enjoying.

For the chicken, place the four chicken breasts in a glass plan.  Pour the rice vinegar over the chicken first, and then pour the Italian dressing over the chicken until it is conservatively covered (you should use about 1/4-1/2C).  Let the chicken sit and marinate while you prepare your grill, covering it with foil after you have started and cleaned it.  After about 20 minutes of marinating, take the chicken out of the marinade and place it on the foil on the grill, cooking for about 25-40 minutes, or until it reaches temperature (165F).  Take the chicken off of the grill.

For the salad, chop up 1/4 of a red cabbage and 1/4 of a green cabbage and mix with about 4C of spinach (or more for a bigger salad) and cilantro.  Add Italian dressing to your liking.  (Try 1/4C over the entire salad, and gradually add more if you need too, or add rice vinegar or balsamic vinegar for a lighter dressing with more flavor) Mix the salad.  Plate the chicken and salad.  Serve and enjoy!

(I also served some of the hummus that I made and pita chips with the meal.)

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